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"Which I personally as a feminist found really tired and really boring."

I look forward to the day when everyone understands this.

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For all those feminists who think women deserve to be heard and their opinions listened to, practice what you preach!

There are plenty of women on youtube speaking out against your hateful behavior, and what they have to say makes sense if you’d open your mind!!!

If you’re a woman and you’re against the current feminist movement in the West, then reblog this and show your support!  If you’re a man, reblog it anyway, because equality!  And if you’re a feminist, well shit, tell us why you think feminism is still relevant and isn’t just a cult of hateful bigots!

If you’re a feminist, and a huge chunk of your time is spent abusing women for having opinions, you might need to re-think yourself.

However, since you asked:

I consider myself a feminist. I have an understanding that our culture treats women differently to men, and it’s overwhelmingly negative. I also understand that we should probably do something about that negative difference. I think the key to that is promoting equal rights, and advancing the cause of women at every opportunity, the “cause” meaning that women can do whatever they like, however they want, in the same way that we deal with men.

If I see or hear anything that looks like it’s demeaning women, I’ll intervene. IRL. I’ve done it before. Why not? You’re either a feminist or not.

I do not accept that slamming men on general principle is any part of this. I do not accept the hateful bigotry you’ve posted here is any part of the movement (I mean, obviously it is, but it shouldn’t be). I think it serves the interests of feminism and women’s rights to expose this hateful gibberish for what it is. Which is why I do it too. But I still believe that I’m a feminist.

Maybe there are as many definitions of “feminism” as there are people who think they’re feminists? I don’t know.

There are lots of women who just don’t think of the men in their lives as potential attackers, and they refuse to think of themselves as victims. They just get on with their lives like everyone else.

Where are their voices?

Well, that’s the point, isn’t it?

Maybe it’s about time we started listening to all women instead of just the noisy ones.

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"The reason women are turning you down for casual sex seems to be that, for one thing, a lot of you are calling them sluts afterward. Also, a lot of you aren’t bothering to try to be good in bed."

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Terri Conley, professor of psychology and women’s studies at the University of Michigan

See, this is the sort of gibberish that they’re teaching on Women’s Studies courses, the sort of thing that could realistically only have come from a woman, or someone desperately trying to dismiss or erase the male experience of sexual relationships.

Firstly, this quote is framed as a direct accusation. No one’s talking about “some men” or even “men” in general. This time, it’s “you”, anyone who’s stupid enough to cast their eyes across that sentence. You are, of course, free to make any sort of assumptions about your hypothetical readers, but it’s not much of an incentive to take any of it seriously, is it?

Secondly, as any man will verify, being shit in bed is gender-neutral. Women seem to complain a lot more about it than men. I’m not sure why. Maybe there’s a general sense of entitlement among women which dictates that men should be grateful for any sexual attention they get, or that men should have to justify the sexual attention they get by being “good in bed”, whereas there is no suggestion at all that this might apply to women.

Thirdly, negative social consequences as a result of casual sex are gender-neutral. Women warn their friends about a man because he was a “player”, which means nothing more than “engages in casual sex with women”. This indicates that there is a structure in their minds that men must “buy” their sex with a committed relationship, although this won’t be even hinted at before the sex happens. 

I can’t know exactly how women feel about being treated like sex objects, but I can only imagine it’s close to how a man feels about being treated like a commitment object.

Q: How Many Women Does It Take To Feminism?

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A: All Of Them


I’m going to say this once:

Some women actually like porn. Some women actually like rough sex. Some women actually like being submissive. Some women actually enjoy being housewives. Some women like sucking off their men. Get the fuck over it. There is no fucking misogynist explanation behind it.

Let women enjoy/do whatever it is that makes them happy.

Stop it and fuck off.

Any brand of feminism which specifically excludes women based on their real-life experiences is otiose.

1 in 6 Male College Students Has Been Raped

I don’t know if this fits in with the “facts” about “rape culture” that I’ve already decided in my head. I think I’ll just ignore it.

(Regard, if you will, the number of notes, for evidence.)

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The Vagenda Magazine asked their Twitter followers to tweet them edited headlines

This is my favourite thing at the moment

This is a fun game!

Let’s just use The Daily Mail, and let’s not bother with the photos, because you can click on the links and see the photos if you like. I’m going to link to URL with the “real” headline to the translation. Enjoy.

Male model models.

Male actor finds female attractive.

Male actor acts.

Man has muscles.

So, it appears that specious, time-wasting, pointless headlines in tabloids are not gender-specific. Maybe looking to celebrity gossip tabloids to form opinions on social issues is not the best way forward.

It might help sharpen your opinions to realise that the primary audience for this sort of crap is women.

Then again, some women are determined to see themselves as objects. 
HINT: If you’re a woman and you’re emphatically not a slut, you still don’t get to slut-shame; the same way, I suppose, sluts don’t get to prude-shame you.

Then again, some women are determined to see themselves as objects.

HINT: If you’re a woman and you’re emphatically not a slut, you still don’t get to slut-shame; the same way, I suppose, sluts don’t get to prude-shame you.

Everyday Sexism Dot Com

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I would like to know what you think about Laura Bates and “Everyday Sexism” sometime.

It’s a site where women type sexist things that happen to them. I don’t think any conclusions at all can be drawn either from the fact that it exists, or that it has many contributions.

If we were to draw any other conclusions:  For one thing, it seems to be exclusively interested in pursuing stories which validate the world-view that caused it to be set up, without taking account of anything else. In any other field of human activity, this would be correctly ridiculed as confirmation bias. Here, apparently it’s a brave etc. etc. feminism.

Remember, that’s only if we want to draw any conclusions from it. Otherwise, the site is fine.

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It’s amazing what your brain can do when you seeing women as objects instead of people.

It’s amazing what your brain can do when you seeing women as objects instead of people.