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Nothing Can Change an Anti-Vaxxer’s Mind

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Ready to be depressed?


While some false beliefs, such as astrology, are fairly harmless, parents who believe falsely that vaccination is dangerous or unnecessary for children present a real public health hazard.

An interesting article. If you find people doubling down after you’ve presented clear and incontrovertible evidence that makes shit of their position, then what you have is not science, but religion.

"Do you feel you could properly explain to the differences between Atheism (the passive, non-belief) and Anti-theism (the active, reaction to belief)?"

Asked by Anonymous

Atheism is passive non-belief and anti-theism is the active reaction to belief. I guess? I don’t know. Your definitions are fine.

I don’t think of myself as “anti-theist” so much as “anti-stupid”, and religions harbor much of the stupidity of the world. But religions often do good things and I have lots of anti-stupid opinions that are unrelated to religion.

I definitely think of myself as an “atheist” though, in the sense that I do not believe in any sort of god. 

Am I an Islamophobe?

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The fact that I need to go through this absurd liberal court of inquisition in which I have to repeat these mantras is what, as Peter Griffin would say, really grinds my gears: 

"I promise I do not think all Muslims are fanatics.”

"I think it is terrible the way a whole community is distrusted because a fanatical few."

Do I hate Muslims? Absolutely not. Any more than I hate Christians. Or Jews, or Hindus, or anyone on account of their beliefs, or lack of them. I just hate, really, really hate the idea of being hated. 

So it comes down to this.

I am not an Islamophobe:

I am a violentsuicidallyfanatichatefilledkillerofpeopletheyhaventevenmet-ophobe. And that group might easily include Americans, Russians or Britons, come to that.

There. I hope that’s clear.

There. I hope that’s clear. 

You Know, I Correct People A Lot On My Blog

and sometimes people correct me (thank fuck) and when that happens, I’m glad, because it’s always nice to think that you can still learn things about the things you’re interested in. It’s a good thing to have someone monitoring you for accuracy. Even if it seems like nitpicking, you know, I’m fine with nitpicking as long as I’m actually wrong, which happens quite a bit. 

I’ve been involved in all sorts of debates with all sorts of people, political, racial and so on, and when they get corrected, sometimes they actually acknowledge it. Sometimes they say “wow I got that wrong, thanks” or “wow I got that wrong, but fuck you anyway” which is also fair enough. 

But you know what I’ve never seen? Despite literally pages and pages and pages of counterclaims, evidence against them, and plain old logic, making nonsense of their arguments, I have never seen any of these tumblr feminists admit when they’ve made a mistake. Which they do, all the fucking time, because we’re all human. 

This ad floating around tumblr allegedly over-sexualising the ladies’ shirts over the men’s, which has been published over and over with a correction, I’ve never seen any feminist blog retract. Or retract ANYTHING where they’ve clearly been wrong. 

What this means is that you’re not someone on the other side of a debate designed to improve the species. Not at all.

You’re a heretic. Or, if you were previously a tumblr feminist and managed to get out before it fried your brain completely, you’re an apostate. If you’re a woman, you’re a traitor. 

That’s how it works. 

Enjoy your religion.

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Most of the Youth Defence followers (an Irish anti-abortion group whose members physically assaulted me in 1996) and most of the Pro Life Campaign (an Irish anti-abortion group) followers are Americans. 

This pretty much follows the same lines as their funding. Which should scare everyone, because it means that these religious fucks aren’t happy just screwing up their own corner of the planet. 

When Atheists Attack

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  • just because you’re an atheist doesn’t mean you can shame religious people for their beliefs
  • just because you’re an atheist doesn’t mean you can shame religious people for their beliefs
  • just because you’re an atheist doesn’t mean you can shame religious people for their beliefs
  • just because you’re an atheist doesn’t mean you can shame religious people for their beliefs

I’ve never shamed anyone for having “beliefs”. People are free to believe any sort of nonsensical gibberish they like in the comfort of their own homes without having to deal with atheists knocking on their door asking them if they’ve let the light of independent thought into their lives. This is all true.

However, I’ve shamed people (regardless of religious affiliation, although there does seem to be a strong correlation) for being assholes. For instance, if I make fun of you for voting for Prop 8, you can’t complain that I’m attacking your religious beliefs. Because when you vote on something like this, it affects everyone, not just the people who have minds as tiny as yours. That’s not exercising your beliefs, that’s just being an asshole. That’s dictating to others that they must live with your religious ideas of morality, plucked straight from the second century in the B of C. 

If being mocked for repeated violations of the “asshole” rule, for the huge tranche of violent, homophobic, sexist gibberish makes you angry, well good. It’s supposed to make you angry. And there is a really easy way to make all of it - ALL OF IT - go away. I strongly recommend you alter your life to make sure none of this stuff is directed towards you again. 

Opinions =/= Facts

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You have the right to your opinion. Opinions do not have the ability to be correct or incorrect. Nobody has to agree with you. By publicly expressing your opinion, you are giving others the right to disagree with it and criticize it. If you are so sensitive that you cannot react to criticism without rage, you probably should keep those opinions to yourself.

This has been your daily dose of “lessons the rest of us learned in grade school that Tumblr somehow missed”.

As I read the responses to this post, it became extremely apparent to me that people did not understand what blonde-swanson was saying. On my ride home I realized the problem: People don’t know the difference between fact and opinion. Obviously, this lesson being based on that difference, if you fail to comprehend it, you will not understand the lesson. 

I have no idea why this is so difficult to understand. Words have meanings. There is a difference between a fact and an opinion. Some opinions are better than others. All these statements should be axiomatic. 

Think of it like this: if you codify facts, you get science. If you codify opinions, you get religion.

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Hate Group Leaders Tony Perkins & Bryan Fischer Cheer Uganda

For Uganda’s life imprisonment plan for homosexuals, of course.

I think they’re confusing “American liberals” with “decent human beings”, but that’s not new. In other news, they seem less inclined to draw parallels with other countries that prosecute homosexuality with the death penalty, such as Iran or Saudi Arabia.

I wonder why that is?

HINT: Always remember that the problem is not any particular issue or opinion - it’s religion.

Gay is Equally Haram and Treyf, Apparently.

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Guess what, Libs? HOMOSEXUALITY IS LEGAL IN ISRAEL, but PUNISHABLE BY DEATH in every other fucking Arabic country, those “POOR MUSLIMS” YOU WHINE ABOUT! Also, in every other motherfucking Islamic country, women ARE CONSIDERED PROPERTY. How’s that for your precious Middle-Eastern countries and screwing over ourONLYremaining ally in the Middle East?

In the war between the civilized and the uncivilized…

Oops sorry your doublethink doesn’t work here please just gibber quietly in the corner now.

Also, Israel isn’t exactly the most welcome place for homosexuals either. But it’s nice to see that the hardcore Jews and the hardcore Muslims can agree on something.

PRO TIP: The problem isn’t what country you’re in: it’s religion.

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Dara O’Briain explaining the obvious for the hard of thinking.

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